Services and resources

Services and resources provided by the Nuclear Physics Group

The NPG makes available a number of resources for the nuclear physics community.

World Wide Web pages - access to downloads and documents (including MIDAS)

We can also produce web pages on an ad-hoc basis for special purposes, such as meetings or conferences.

UK users

The NPG manages the ukusers email list. To send an email to the UK Nuclear Physics community send it to Vic Pucknell, Dave Laff or John Simpson to be forwarded to the ukusers list.

FTP access

For security reasons we no longer support an anonymous FTP service. Equivalent functionality is available through the http protocol from our website. Registered users can use our ssh/sftp service at the same address.



WWW access (link opens in a new window) to the MIDAS distribution. For detailed information, see the MIDAS web pages (link opens in a new window).
Download and installation instructions (link opens in a new window)

We can also supply the package on CDROM. Please contact Dr V Pucknell or Mr D Laff.

Target manufacture

The NPG provides thin-film & foil targets for the nuclear physics experimental community and others.

Targets can be requested using our on-line form (link opens in a new window) or by email or post.

For detailed information, see the main target manufacture pages.

Conference organisation

The Group will organise conferences, meetings or workshops for the UK Nuclear Physics community.

For assistance or information please contact Sue Richards.

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