Nuclear Physics Group staff

The members of the group

Prof John Simpson
Physicist, Head of Nuclear Physics
Mr Ian Lazarus
Electronics Engineer, Group Leader
Dr Victor Pucknell
Head of Data Acquisition Software
Dr Paul Aden
Mechanical Engineer
Dr Marcello Borri
Physicist / Postdoctoral student
Mr Ian Burrows
Mechanical Engineer
Mr Patrick Coleman-Smith
Electronics and Software Engineer
Mr Alan Grant
Mechanical Engineer
Mr Moschos Kogimtzis
Electronics Engineer
Dr Marc Labiche
Mr David Laff
Software Engineer and Systems Administrator
Dr Roy Lemmon
Mr Simon Letts
Software Engineer and Systems Administrator (Consultant)
Dr Peter Mason
Physicist / Postdoctoral student
Mr Paul Morrall
Target Maker / Technician
Mrs Sue Richards
Group Secretary

Some of us are shown below. To identify us, please move your mouse over the group picture.

The STFC Nuclear Physics Group Marc Labiche James Ollier (now left) Simon Letts Patrick Coleman-Smith Paul Morrall John Simpson David O'Donnell (now Liverpool) Roy Lemmon Sue Richards Ian Lazarus Vic Pucknell

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